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Our Business Transformation services support organisational performance through business process improvement and continuous improvement solutions.

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What is lean?

Lean is creating the most customer value utilising the fewest resources while maximising the talent of your people.

As lean practitioners, we use a variety of Lean methods for continuous improvement. Our combined knowledge and experience utilising these methodologies equips us with the perfect recipe for success. We like to use a hands-on approach and learn from the people doing the work.

That means you can find us collaborating by:

– Running Kaizen workshops and events
– Facilitating Value Stream Mapping Workshops
– Conducting Gemba Walks (go see, ask why, show respect)
– Conducting software system assessments
– Hoshin Kanri

We operate on a fact-based basis and empower your organisation to move away from inefficient processes and towards change management that builds the organisational capacity to continue to make required improvements for the significant and sustainable change.

Is your business Win-Win-Winning?

Does your business actively engage in process improvement throughout the organisation?

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The FREE scorecard has been developed to quickly and painlessly produce a score based on your answers. In under 5 minutes, you will generate results with tailored tips on how to IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER VALUE.

No gimmicks, no time-wasting, just some simple yes/no questions to set you off on your personal growth journey!

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“I'm currently working with Neil undertaking Coaching. As a CEO your focus is always on the business and assisting others to improve themselves, but not always focused on ways to improve yourself. Neil's approach is values-based and action-oriented. He empowers with practical tools and solutions to achieve measurable improvements towards professional goals. Neil has challenged me to really look at where my barriers are and to reflect on where I need to focus and maximise my impact and potential. The coaching has involved a DISC profile and 363 degree feedback providing great insight and reflection on my strengths and opportunities for improvement. Neil's coaching doesn't just focus on the individual, it also focuses on the company and stakeholders and working to improve your interaction across the company, providing benefits both inside and outside the organisation. Neil is motivational, thought-provoking, and skilled at helping people develop into the best leader they can be and our organisation will feel the positive impacts well into the future. I can't recommend Neil highly enough !”

Wendy Bezinna

CEO Latrobe Valley Enterprises