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Process is at the core of each and every business, it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, or the service or product you’re delivering. Without understanding how you are getting from point a to b, you’re wasting your untapped potential for growth and improvement.

That’s where we come in, because at Go True North, we love process. We love mapping process, understanding process and more importantly improving process. We thrive off the opportunity to learn about new business and solving complex business problems with our clients.

We are your dedicated Business Improvement Consultants, who use lean methodologies to collaborate with our clients to facilitate greater business productivity and growth.

Go True North TM

We wouldn’t expect our clients to embark on a journey using methods we haven’t continuously applied ourselves, as transformation and continuous improvement specialists, we practise what we preach. Previously known as In2 Project Management, we recognised the need for change in our organisation and followed a continuous improvement and creative process to revolutionise to Go True North.

Our logo is not just a pretty icon – it embodies the work that we do and the beliefs that we hold ourselves accountable to. We believe that the work we do with our clients is a journey that we undertake together.

We believe in empowering you to find your ‘True North’ through cultivation of strategic and engagement alignment throughout our client’s whole organisation.

As believers and transformers, our vision is embedded not just in our business success, but in yours. We believe in empowering our clients to find their True North, empowering them to create more value and to learn how to solve their business problems.

Our mission is to inspire leaders and their teams to become Lean thinkers and doers, building their capability to provide more fulfilling work and continued personal development.

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”



We strongly believe, you’re the experts of your industry, we’re just the facilitators. By working in collaboration together actively, we share our ideas and knowledge to achieve success.


Treating everyone with respect, dignity and equality is our highest priority. We’re passionate in supporting our clients, our people and working in our community.


Striving for excellence in everything we do, we pursue pride by challenging our thinking and looking beyond the obvious.


Acting morally and with ethical principles is at the forefront of every decision, project and interaction as we transparently deliver our commitments.

Meet the team

Chris Allford

Director — Operations & Continuous Improvement

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A highly experienced Project and Business Transformation Manager and Company Director, I am committed to building capability, fostering economic growth and achieving continuous improvement for my clients and my local community.

After more than 20 years in portfolio and project management for the heavy industry sector, primarily in Victoria’s Gippsland region, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in various methodologies. In 2013 I co-founded In2 Project Management, aiming to teach individuals and organisations the benefits of applying Lean project management techniques and principles to their businesses.

I enjoy sharing my skills and experience to educate clients and empower senior leadership teams, so they can understand their business’ value-driven purpose, set and deliver project objectives, improve lead times and ultimately, financial outcomes.

I’ve learned my skills from the ground up – firstly leading and managing onsite teams through outages, maintenance and schedules of work, progressing to risk management, mitigation and budget planning, then managing large scale strategic projects including a three-year cultural change project for International Power Hazelwood.

As Director of In2 Project Management I have played a key role in developing operational strategies, plans and KPIs, team goals, business development and worked with more than 45 clients to successfully deliver projects through a flexible project framework and our custom-designed software platform, PPMP visual and collaborative Portfolio and Project Management system.

Professional and highly motivated, I’m an outstanding communicator and facilitator, honest and transparent with a strong focus on building trust and rapport with stakeholders at all levels. Consistently process-driven and systematic, I’m able to identify gaps, develop recommendations and action plans for implementation.

I’m energised by discovering and elevating the hidden talent and potential of those around me and transferring my skills and knowledge to achieve sustainability and increase business performance.

I pride myself on operating with integrity, demonstrating how things can be done differently to achieve a better and more profitable outcome. At In2 Project Management, we believe that your journey is our journey.

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Neil Betts

Director — Business Outcomes

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As a Business Consultant and Lean Practitioner, I help organisations, business owners and individuals improve their business performance. With an ability to see the big picture, I can identify strategic issues, as well as translate process problems to enable technology to deliver solutions.

Before co-founding In2 Project Management in 2013, my career progressed from the shop floor to the board room with extensive experience working for global organisations in the United Kingdom and Australia. Starting out as a craft apprentice at the Central Electricity Generating Board, I continued to expand my engineering knowledge in a variety of increasingly senior roles in the United Kingdom.

I came to Australia on a 3 month contract in September 2006 and moved here in 2007 after being appointed to the role of Maintenance Manager at Hazelwood Power Station in 2007, and then the Business Optimisation Manager in 2010 and the Shared Services Director in 2012.

The In2 Project Management journey began in 2007 when I started working with Chris Allford in the development of a project framework for a large mining and power producer. Over several years our unique skill set steered us to lead outstanding business transformation and change management projects.

This journey moved us into new and exciting methods of engagement, leadership, agile practises, lean thinking, value management, visual management and formed new thinking around project management.

It was this journey that formed the concept of combining traditional project management techniques with lean thinking and visual management that ultimately spearheaded the formation of In2 Project Management.

As the key first point of contact for our consultancy, I now oversee client engagements and lead our dedicated team to ensure we deliver the outcomes Chris and I have developed through our unique, personalised, methodical and proven methodologies.
A deeply committed professional, I’m valued for my strong leadership skills which I combine with a practical and well-organised approach to business management, client relationships and team management.

My focus on our diverse client base, particularly in the areas of business problem identification and solution management, enables me to understand and effectively communicate the requirements of operating and maintaining a business at all levels.

I invite you to connect and explore how we can help you improve your organisation’s performance.

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Brooke Lewis

Business Improvement Speciaist

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If truly loving process and continuous improvement is wrong, I don’t want to be right. That’s why I’m genuinely excited about the work I do as a Business Improvement Specialist at Go True North. As an experienced Project Manager (both Nationally and Internationally), it made sense to combine my organisational skills with my creativity in strategy. As a force for good, I assist business leaders to make professional change within their organisation.

With a genuine love of getting to know people on a personal level, I enjoy taking the time to understand different communication styles and adapt accordingly. My focus is on building quality relationships with clients to best understand and meet their needs.


Authentic and transparent, with a focus on reduced waste within their business, I am proud of the values held by the people I work with and can honestly say that those values align with my own.

By utilising lean and agile methodologies, we provide a tailored, individualised approach to business transformation. From Gippsland to all across Australia, no matter the industry, Go True North improves processes, manages projects, and provides solutions for all manner of business problems (and we have fun, while we do it).

Creative, humorous and supportive, I’m a young professional who doesn’t just want to do the bare minimum, I want to create, ideate and lead.

Let’s connect, I’d love to hear your story.

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Luke Satur

Senior Consultant - Procurement Transformation

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As a senior consultant in procurement transformation, my expertise lies in identifying and addressing inefficiencies within outsourced agreements. With extensive experience across all procurement categories, I have a proven track record of providing clients with the tools and resources necessary to reduce costs, improve operational standards, and implement tighter controls and policies.

Whether you are looking to streamline your procurement processes or gain greater visibility over your complex outsourcing arrangements, I am committed to helping you achieve your business goals through effective contract management strategies. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with me today and let’s start exploring how we can work together.

A significant portion of savings I generate are through negotiations with incumbent suppliers rather than any formal, costly, and often risky Tender or RFQ process. Whether it’s negotiating better terms, terms of service changes, or reducing procurement spend across all categories, I am always focused on finding innovative solutions that help my clients achieve their business goals. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you improve your procurement processes and drive real results, then look no further than me. Let’s work together to transform your procurement operations and accelerate your success.

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Hear what our valued clients think about our business improvement integrations

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“Gippsland Water engaged In2 Project Management to assist in our analysis and understanding of our current maintenance delivery service. The analytical model utilised and data driven decision making has assisted Gippsland Water in further driving significant value out of its outsourced maintenance service and has had the added benefit of providing a line of site to further opportunities to both drive further value and improve our customer outcomes.”

Peter Skeels

Senior Executive Advisor at Gippsland Water

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“Chris has been great at formulating new business plans and helping us find a future path.”

Marco Timperio

Allform Business Owner

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“I'm currently working with Neil undertaking Coaching. As a CEO your focus is always on the business and assisting others to improve themselves, but not always focused on ways to improve yourself. Neil's approach is values-based and action-oriented. He empowers with practical tools and solutions to achieve measurable improvements towards professional goals. Neil has challenged me to really look at where my barriers are and to reflect on where I need to focus and maximise my impact and potential. The coaching has involved a DISC profile and 363 degree feedback providing great insight and reflection on my strengths and opportunities for improvement. Neil's coaching doesn't just focus on the individual, it also focuses on the company and stakeholders and working to improve your interaction across the company, providing benefits both inside and outside the organisation. Neil is motivational, thought-provoking, and skilled at helping people develop into the best leader they can be and our organisation will feel the positive impacts well into the future. I can't recommend Neil highly enough !”

Wendy Bezinna

CEO Latrobe Valley Enterprises