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Business case to drive efficiency – Gippsland Water

Project Brief: We require suitably qualified consulting agencies, organisations or individuals to provide the necessary expertise to assist in the analysis, economic modelling and development of an appropriate business case recommending an appropriate service delivery model for the provision of the M&E and Ancillary services.

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Additional work has included:

1. Project Management of the business case recommendations

2. Project Management coaching & mentoring

3. Invoice data automation and dashboard analysis

4. Operational Review

Organisations struggle with the efficient and timely delivery of maintenance services.

Delivering quality maintenance services on time and within budget is a challenge for many organisations.

Go True North has developed an innovative, yet simple to use, maintenance review optimization that helps organizations overcome these challenges. Our model is based on lean principles and covers three core principles – People, Processes, and Technology – which work together to ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of quality maintenance services.

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“Gippsland Water engaged In2 Project Management to assist in our analysis and understanding of our current maintenance delivery service. The analytical model utilised and data driven decision making has assisted Gippsland Water in further driving significant value out of its outsourced maintenance service and has had the added benefit of providing a line of site to further opportunities to both drive further value and improve our customer outcomes.”

Peter Skeels

Senior Executive Advisor at Gippsland Water