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Continuous Improvement e-learning – Banyule City Council

The Project Brief: To engage a skilled specialist to evolve and create e-learning programs, modules & tools to build on the already existing training program. These e-learning modules will provide other avenues for Banyule staff to build their CI knowledge and capability and create an opportunity to engage a wider audience across Council.

Technical Requirements

1. All modules need to be SCORM compliant
2. Must be able to be uploaded to council’s Androgogic system via a zip file
3. Must be available for all staff to view
4. Include costs to update and amended as needed

Skills Required:

1. Various Continuous Improvement methodologies including Lean, Agile and Human Centred Design.
2. Developed Continuous Improvement e-learning training modules from high level awareness modules through to detailed tools and techniques


“Friendly and open - knowledgeable and always wanting to make anything a success - flexible. Defined the scope clearly and expectations. A pleasure to work with.

Kirsten Farrell

Kirsten Farrell

Continuous Improvement Coordinator - Banyule City Council


“Even though the project went overtime, looking back it is clear the brief was not clear or detailed enough and that the delays were reasonable given the scope of work expected. I am impressed at how they handled the project and would have no issues working with the team again.

Chloe Davis

Chloe Davies

Senior Continuous Improvement P.O - Banyule City Council