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ERP, Warehouse and Stock Management Solution – Eva

The Project Brief: To identify the requirements for an ERP, Warehouse and Stock Management Solution, including:

  1. A3 Strategic Problem Definition and Gemba
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Value Stream Mapping
  4. Functional Specification
  5. ERP Solution Matching

Without a clear process, the software/system will not perform. The systems exists to support the process, not enable it.

Go True North offers a comprehensive and unique way of defining software systems to support process improvement. We always start with process first and we first create a clear and efficient process and then find the software that supports that process.


“"Neil has helped us achieve our business goals, clarity of systems requirements - and has been phenomenal with stakeholder engagement. Why wouldn't we recommend!"

Jasom Mok

Head of Operations - Eva


“The work allowed Eva to look at how processes can be more effective and efficient using lean thinking, the journey was relatively painless as Neil engaged the team very well and was able to make a dry subject a fun/dynamic learning environment. Neil didn't follow a script and was able to pivot effectively in communication style and program content to match the audience he was talking to. Communication was excellent and we process steps were made clear.

Mark Monaghan

Supply Chain Manager - Eva