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Lean Manufacturing – Henna Street Picture Framers

Project Brief: The main objective to provide lean improvement services to support the move to lean manufacturing. This included:

1. A3 Strategic Problem Definition

2. One Day Kaizen Event

3 .Daily Operating Systems Workshop

4. Daily Operating Systems Implementation

5. Coaching and Mentoring

As a business owner, you know that process chaos can lead to disaster.

Lack of process can cause all sorts of problems in your business from missed deadlines and confused customers to wasted resources and stressed out employees.

Implementing a simple daily operating system can help you get your business back on track. Go True North is the perfect solution for businesses who want to get organized and improve their bottom line.


“I have had an excellent time working with In2 Project Management, (now Go True North). They were a joy to work with. They were always accessible, reliable, nothing too hard and everything was important and valued, and for a small business, often all of those traits can be felt working with an external business. I learnt a great deal about my company and ways to improve my business and Lean management. In2 Project management gave me the confidence to implement those ideas and to adjust and pivot when needed. I found that when I was talking with In2 Project Management, it wasn't like I was talking with a company that wanted my money, I felt that they were invested and wanted the best for me and my company. I am so happy and grateful that there were on my team and help my company transform. Everything is easier and much smoother now and it wouldn't have been without In2 Project Management.”

Ella Webb

Owner Henna Street Picture Framers