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Portfolio and Project Management System – Watersure

Project Brief:

The main objective was to assist Watersure to configure and test SharePoint PWA Site with MS project.

The PWA site was to be configured under Watersure’s existing licencing structure as a minimal viable product that can then be further enhanced subject to suitability.

Core components included:

  • Connect to client’s PWA
  • Client Configuration workshop
  • PWA Portfolio Configuration
  • Project site template configuration
  • Develop Project Plan Template
  • Develop Portfolio Reporting
  • Generate Standard Post Production Outage Project Plan
  • Client Training

Portfolio and Project management systems like PWA are enablers and are designed to help senior management and employees keep track of a particular project or portfolio, from various checkpoints to deadlines to the amount of hours dedicated to it.

PWA provides visibility on any given project and its projected outcomes, with full transparency at the portfolio level for decision making. Is a collaborative workspace and is a repository for all documents, version control and retention off.




“Chris's knowledge was most welcomed. He had significant input and experience drove us to bring our project management standard up significantly. Chris and the team added a lot of value with developing our systems and processes.

Greg Baud

Asset Manager - Watersure